OPPO back to collaboration with Call of Duty(R): Mobile


OPPO launched the A95 device with performance that users can count on. This device was launched in Indonesia on November 18th. After launch, this device has captured more than 30% of OPPO’s market share in Indonesia.

To prove the power of the new device, OPPO Indonesia made another breakthrough. This time, OPPO is collaborating with Call of Duty®: Mobile (CODM), one of the most popular First Person Shooter (FPS) mobile games in Indonesia.

“OPPO A95 was launched to provide devices with performance that users can count on, including ease of use when playing mobile games,” said Aryo Meidianto A, PR Manager of OPPO Indonesia.

Aryo further emphasized that OPPO Indonesia is once again collaborating with Call of Duty®: Mobile (CODM) to introduce more gaming convenience features on the A95 and allow CODM players to get this device for free.

This is the second time OPPO Indonesia has partnered with Call of Duty®: Mobile (CODM) in Indonesia. It previously announced its first partnership in the same month in 2019. The OPPO A95 device can conveniently play Call of Duty®: Mobile games.

Yes! All this thanks to the support of multiple gaming functions built into this device. Call it the RAM expansion feature that can automatically expand temporary storage on the A95 with expansion options ranging from 2GB, 3GB to 5GB.

With the 5GB option, users can get up to 13GB of RAM in total, just like a flagship smartphone. The presence of this feature can make CODM games run smoothly and stably to provide user convenience.

Besides the RAM expansion function, OPPO has also equipped the A95 with the patented Hyper Boost technology. This feature ensures stable frame rate when playing CODM games with lower power consumption and much better temperature regulation.

This technology also improves touch response, reduces lag and provides much faster game load times, giving the A95 reliable gaming performance. OPPO and Call of Duty®: Mobile will launch a series of activities on social media platforms as well as in-game activations.

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